Wednesday, 28 September 2011

TSF emails

A couple of readers had emails to TSF returned as undeliverable in recent weeks. 

If your emails bounced back, use this email address.

Most often, the problem is leaving the hyphen out of the-wire.


  1. Why does the Toronto Sun rely on the cheap-n-crappy US entertainment service WENN for coverage of events that happen within 1 km of the Sun office? Especially when cheap-n-crappy WENN content is frequently factually wrong and out-of-date? Doesn't anyone at the Sun fact check or at least read what's on the page before going to press?

    Doesn't the Sun know that WENN gets its text content by just copying from other web sites without any fact checking? There are no WENN reporters. The WENN folks in the US only surf the Web and copy from pop-entertainment sites and Twitter feeds. Journalism is not in their job description.

    Today's WENN story about comedian Russell Brand is factually wrong, it's made up, it's out-of-date. If anyone at the Sun had bothered to read/watch the CBC *yesterday afternoon* they would have had the real story with real quotes. Other papers had the real story online *yesterday morning*.

    Saturday's story about comedian Mike Myers was factually wrong and 3-1/2 weeks old.

    Thursday's WENN story about Nelly Furtado was factually wrong. Had anyone at the Sun bothered to read the Star, the CBC or the Globe and Mail (as well as some US and UK news sites), not just in the days before but also over the past few months, the Sun might have gotten the (better and bigger) story right.

    WENN = WE No News

  2. Since when has accuracy mattered to PKP?

  3. Simple, it's cheap and lazy. That's all that matters to Sun brass. Why let a good, well investigated and factual story get in the way of saving a few dollars.