Thursday, 1 September 2011


Toronto Sun sports columnist Steve Simmons blends two favourite Sun tabloid themes in his newest 320-page hardcover book - sports and crime.

The Lost Dream: The Story of Mike Danton, David Frost and a Broken Canadian Family, due on the bookshelves Sept. 20, is Steve's third book.

It probes the spiraling life of NHL player Mike Jefferson, aka Mike Danton, and coach and agent David Frost, who "fast-tracked Jefferson's route to the NHL, but at a staggering cost."

Jefferson's career ended with a conspiracy to commit murder charge.

The Penguin promo says: "In this fast-paced and gripping story, veteran hockey journalist Steve Simmons digs beneath the surface to answer questions that have left Canadians shocked and fascinated.
"Full of the insights from one of Canada’s most-trusted hockey columnists, who is intimately familiar with both minor hockey and the big leagues, The Lost Dream is the story of the dark side of our fascination with a game Canadians love."

The Lost Dream can be ordered online now via or

Meanwhile, Lee Lamothe, a former crime reporter, emailed to have two more books added to his credits: Free Form Jazz, 2010, Dundurn, 400 pages (F) and Picasso Blues, 2011, Dundurn, 410 pages (F).

TSF has 49 published authors listed to date, proving the Toronto Sun has been a breeding ground for prolific writers.

If you are a published author who has worked at 322 or 333 but not on the list, email the details to TSF before Nov. 1.

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