Friday, 23 September 2011

Authors +3

Three more Toronto Sun Family authors have surfaced, pushing the Toronto Sun's published authors list to 53.

New to the list are sportswriters  Perry Lefko, with six books; Lance Hornby, with five books; Pauline Comeau, with two books.

Truly an impressive number of published authors in the first 40 years of the tabloid and we get the feeling the list is not yet complete.

TSF will be accepting new additions and updates to the current list until Nov. 1, the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Sun and the retirement of TSF as an active blog.

If you are a published author and worked in any department of the Toronto Sun since Day One, email the title(s), year(s) of publication, publisher(s), number of pages and indicate fiction of non-fiction.

Thanks to online book sales, many of the titles published over the decades can still be purchased.  

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