Friday, 2 September 2011

Calling TSFers

As we count down to the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Sun, it is time to invite all Toronto Sun Family members to reflect on their time in the Sun.

For the hundreds or men and women who are no longer working at the Toronto Sun, we'd like to include What Are They Doing Now profiles.

Memories of the Sun comments are open to current and former Toronto Sun employees in any department and in any capacity. Full names and job descriptions, please.

The rising of the Toronto Sun on Nov. 1, 1971, opened many doors for hundreds of men and women in the decades that followed. So many memories to share and TSF wants to record them for all to read.

For those who have moved on, feel free to promote your new ventures.

As of Nov. 1, this blog will be a tribute to the 62 Toronto Sun Day Oners and all of those who followed in the Eclipse White Wear Building at 322 King Street West and in the former Sun built-and-owned 333 King Street East.

This blog is for you and you have two months to share your memories of the Sun and the colleagues who shared your life on the job and off.

Do it in the memory of Doug Creighton, Ed Monteith, Bob MacDonald and other Sun pioneers now gone who followed a dream.

Or do it as a tribute to Peter Worthington, Andy Donato, John Downing, Joan Sutton Straus and other surviving Day Oners.   

We know there have been a lot of sad endings for Toronto Sun employees downsized, as expressed repeatedly during the five active years of this blog.

But on Nov. 1, we hope most submissions will focus on favourite memories of The Little Paper That Grew.

Memories, job updates and photos can be emailed to TSF.

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