Friday, 2 September 2011

Exhibit A

The topless woman protesting the censoring of topless women in the Ottawa Sun brought back memories for some veteran Toronto Sun readers.

While the Toronto Sun has never published a topless Sunshine Girl photo, this early Norm Betts shot of model Sandy taking a dip in the cool waters of Lake Ontario got pretty darn close. 

Former Sun photog Bill Sandford commented in TSF: "I always thought that at some point before I passed, the Toronto Sun would run a topless Sunshine Girl. Guess not, and I think time is running out for the Sun papers as we knew them."

Well, Bill, this Betts Page 3 photo is probably as close to bared nipples in the Sun as you're going to get. 

As for the Ottawa protester, you go, girl.

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  1. Many years ago the Edmonton Sun published a Sunshine Girl wearing nothing but a small "Go Esks Go" button. The switchboard was a bit busy that day.