Monday, 12 September 2011

Sloppy ad biz

A lack of ad department focus down Niagara way ticked off a lot of people who had functions planned.

A TSF reader writes:

"My sister booked a celebration ad for my brother-in-law's 65th birthday with the (St. Catharines) Standard and the Niagara Falls Review. It is in the Standard, but not the web. It is on the Review's web page, but not in the paper. 

"When she got the  rep in charge of it, she was outraged she was called on her cell phone at home. As it turned out, the whole celebration was left out.

"All those people having open houses and parties - just lost. No one seems to concerned. Is this how Sun Media does business?"


  1. Sounds par for the course. I don't know why anyone who has seen the inside of any of the ad production centers for Sun could ever be surprised by this.

    But you'll take your free ad, if you're offered one, and grumble and groan and keep your subscription.

  2. happens all thr time at all the papers. no one really cares as long as its on the web

  3. The Welland Tribune this morning (Sept. 15) had the classified section of the Niagara Falls Review in it. All job listings, apartments, carrier routes etc.. all in the wrong newspaper!

  4. What did you expect from them? They don't have a supervisor on the night shift to double check them before they're sent off to the press.

  5. I'm amused with the fact the rep was "outraged" by being called on her cell at home. Imagine not having an office to go to like some poor Sun Media schlubs.

  6. Wow... My rep said the staff in India was able to handle all the ads in the Niagara Papers...