Sunday, 9 September 2007

Al Cairns' gig

Al Cairns, the award-winning former Toronto Sun investigative reporter and author, has been concentrating on music since his departure from 333 King Street East.

The big bass man is a member of a band called The Nagging Doubts, sharing the stage with vocalists
Eric Lam and newcomer Meghan Parnell, guitarist John Daily and drummer Greg Sarney.

Al and the band are booked into the The Loose Moose at 146 Front St. W. on Thursday, Oct. 11 , and staffers at the nearby Toronto Sun are invited to drop by for a brew or two.

"It would be nice to see some old faces," Al, who left the Sun in March after 17 productive years in the newsroom, says in an e-mail to TSF. " I often used to sing away in the newsroom, much to the chagrin of some, but to the amusement of most.

"The Nagging Doubts started four years ago with some staffers from the Globe and Mail. I joined the band about three years ago."

Al, formerly of the Sun's Shrinking Newsholes band, says the Loose Moose is one of several September/October bookings for the band.

Fans say they do it all from five decades of rock, soul, R&B, pop etc.

Save us a chair, Al.

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