Thursday, 13 September 2007

A great Sun day

It is days like today when, after reading the Toronto Sun, you realize the depleted tabloid is still often too good a newspaper to be owned by the likes of Quebecor and PKP.

Today, it was Andy Donato, Mike Strobel and Michele Mandel, to name a few, who gave readers their money's worth once again.

Andy - If you have been wondering why most of the Toronto radio talk show hosts were talking about Andy today - catch up to his controversial editorial cartoon and check out the Inside the Sun blog for the Donato cartoon background story. The Sun's Day Oner cartoonist is the tabloid's answer to the battery bunny that keeps going and going - and oh so creatively.

Mike - A surprising and heartwarming column about Colin Farrell, a selfless young actor with a big heart, and "Speed," a very appreciative homeless Toronto man he befriended. His full page column about an actor's generous deeds makes up for several months of wasted Sun space devoted to the talentless P.H. and other self-absorbed bimbos.

(Mike's column knows no boundaries. It was picked up by the Hollywood celebrity gossip site, front page Sun photo and all, under a tag line "Celebrities Doing Good.")

Michele - The transformation of Michele the Sun columnist to a stunner on a shopping spree looking every bit the celebrity was simply amazing. The Sun's online story without Michele's makeover photo is a disservice to online readers. Worked with Michele for years and didn't recognize her smile or her looks in the print edition photo.

(Why no online photos for stories and columns that beg for illustration? It doesn't make sense to post a story or column about a makeover or whatever without photos.)

Today's $1.06 investment in the Sun out here in the boondocks was worth every cent.

A sub, a Sun, a sunny day and a scenic waterfront. Does it get any better?

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