Friday, 14 September 2007

Ken Gray flashback

Ken Gray, the Ottawa Citizen's city editorial page editor and Friday columnist, got his start at the London Free Press some 30 years ago.

In today's column, he recalls those early FP days and the long nights of drinking we vets all thought would never end. And he fondly remembers the late Mel Howie, the Free Press assistant managing editor who hired him on full time.

Ken says if alive today, Mel would probably wonder what has happened to the "fun" in journalism and where the Woodwards and Bernsteins and hard news exclusives are today.

We hear you there, Ken.

When we began reading Ken's column, we thought it was leading up to his retirement announcement, but it is just a column about newspaper memories that many media vets can relate to in 2007.

Hopefully, it won't be the last career flashback column for Ken.

We'd like to see Sun Media vets take turns writing columns about their cub reporter days and the people who made a difference in their careers.

Peter Worthington, Mark Bonokoski or Mike Strobel would be a great start for Toronto Sun staffer flashbacks.

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