Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Random thoughts

Are any crossword puzzles in the Toronto Sun and other GTA newspapers created in Canada? Is so, can they be identified as such for fans tired of American-themed words?

Does the return of Osprey's James Wallace (we knew him as Jamie) to the Sun's op-ed pages affect the Sun's Queen's Park hierarchy? Welcome back James.

Why isn't Joe Warmington, aka Scrawler, doing more celeb hunting pieces during this year's Toronto International Film Festival? We miss his random snaps and celeb notes.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations is reporting circulation figures for the Sun and the Daily Star - in the United Kingdom. What's happening with ABC stats for the GTA? Still waiting. (Overall UK newspaper circulation performance.)

We didn't think it possible to have photos of two people many Toronto Sun readers do not warm up to on the same front page, but there they were Thursday: B.M. and P.H. Yowza!

Do all of the dedicated non-union Toronto Sun pressroom employees just go quietly into that good night when the presses are silenced in a few weeks? The presses have been the pride of the tabloid since the Sun moved into 333 in 1975.

Why are Sun readers beyond the 416 and 905 GTA sales area still paying $1.06 for the daily paper when GTA subscribers can get 7-day home delivery for $1.70?

Why have the Sun and the Star abandoned TV capsule comments in their TV guides. The Globe and Mail has got it right with its meaty Friday film/TV Globe Review magazine. Lots of TV tibits. Bravo.

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