Wednesday, 5 September 2007

MIA columnists?

With Updates (*) from TSF readers

Dennis Earl
, a Hamilton, Ontario, blogger who occasionally comments on Sun Media happenings, wants to know the fate of numerous MIA columnists.

Dennis, obviously an avid Sun reader, says in a new posting the unexplained absence of Sun Media columnists "can be frustrating and aggravating. Infuriating and upsetting, as well."

In a nutshell, Dennis wonders what has become of:

* Holly Lake, MIA from Sun Media papers since February.

Update from Neate Sager, Ottawa Sun staffer and Out of Left Field blogger: "FYI for Mr. Earl, since he was wondering . . . Holly Lake left to take a PR job, I believe with a health professionals' association. Not sure which one."

Link Byfield of the Calgary Sun.

* Jose Rodriquez, whose Calgary Sun column hasn't been published since June 9.

Update from Mike Jenkinson, The Newsroom blogger and former Comment Editor at the Edmonton Sun: "Jose Rodriquez became editor in chief of the Calgary Sun, and probably doesn't have time to write columns anymore."

* Paul Stanway of the Edmonton Sun.

Update from Mike Jenkinson: "Paul Stanway left the Edmonton Sun earlier this year to become the communications director for Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach. This was announced in the Sun."

Ross Romaniuk and Shahina Siddiqui of the Winnipeg Sun.

Andre Boily, another Sun Media columnist.

* Jim Chapman, MIA since March 24.

Update from Butch McLarty, blogger: "Jim Chapman of London is running for the Progressive Conservatives in the provincial riding of London-Fanshawe."

* Allison Graham (last appearance April 28.)

Update from Butch McLarty: "Allison Graham of London is running for the Progressive Conservatives in the provincial riding of London West."

Nicole Langlois (last appearance February 8.)

* Sean Twist (last appearance: February 3) in the London Free Press.

Update from Butch McLarty: "My buddy Sean Twist of London refused to sign the Sun Media freelancer's agreement several months ago and is now doing work for the CBC part-time."

Dennis says anyone with credible information about any or all of their whereabouts can reach him by email.

E-mail a copy to TSF and we will update this posting.

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