Monday, 17 September 2007

Headline list update

TSF's Top 10 Headlines list was at six and holding until yesterday's Sunday Sun, where we found two more contenders on Page 26.

Firefighters save farmer's ass - for an AP story about Minnesota firefighters saving a donkey from the bottom of a farmer's well.

Meal almost becomes cereal killer - a London, Ont. story about a Hwy. 401 motorist who lost control of his car while eating cereal.

"Man" would have worked better than "meal," but both are strong enough for Numbers 7 and 8 on our Top 10 list, where they will remain unless bumped by stronger entries.

We don't know who wrote the headlines, but it has us wondering if it was a newcomer or a rejuvenated old rim pro on a roll.

Whatever, clever headlines like these over the years helped put the "fun" in the Sun.

We'll give credit by name for those two headlines and the previous "Queen of Mean has room in tomb" headline if e-mailed to TSF.

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