Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Top 10 headlines

Jay Leno's popular Monday night headlines bit has added another gem to our favourites list:

"Homeless man under house arrest" is from an unidentified U.S. newspaper.

It is No. 3 in our ongoing list of favourite headlines:

(1) Headless Body In Topless Bar - New York Post (written in April 1983 for a front page story about a "maniac" who forced a patron to decapitate the bartender.)

(2) Queen of Mean has room in tomb - Toronto Sun (author unknown, written this year following the death of New York hotels billionaire and ex-con Leona Helmsley, 87.)

(3) Homeless man under house arrest - unknown U.S. newspaper (sent to the Tonight Show for Jay Leno's headlines segment.)

(4) Chump Chomps Champ - Calgary Sun (submitted by Lyle Harvey who says: "This gem was written by the multi-talented Kevin Franchuk of the Calgary Sun after the infamous Tyson-Holyfield ear-biting incident of 1997.")

(5) The wurst is yet to come - Ottawa Sun (submitted by Mark Bonokoski, who wrote it in the mid-90s while op-ed page editor. It was for his column about a tabloid libel case in England, which involved a starlet, a German sausage etc. )

(6) Bears say Packers fudged injuries - Toronto Sun (submitted by Bob Bishop, who credits John Fitz-Gerald on the sports desk and adds: "Believe me, that head is legend among those of us of a certain era at the Sun.")

(7) Firefighters save farmer's ass - Toronto Sun (author unknown, for an AP story about Minnesota firefighters saving a donkey from the bottom of a farmer's well.

(8) Meal almost becomes cereal killer - Toronto Sun (unknown author, for a London, Ont. story about a Hwy. 401 motorist who lost control of his car while eating cereal.



We'll fill the remaining Top 10 as we find them.

Do you have a favourite?

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