Friday, 21 September 2007

Linehan book prices

Brian Linehan fans eager to read George Anthony's new book on the celebrated celebrity interviewer can get a hefty price discount by ordering from Amazon.

Wednesday's Toronto Sun had a full page ad offering Starring Brian Linehan: a Life Behind the Scenes for $47.99, including shipping and GST.

Amazon is selling it online for $22.04 Canadian ($29.61 with shipping and GST), but now that the dollar is at par (hurrah, hurrah), it doesn't matter whether it is Canadian or U.S. currency.

The official release date for the 360-page hardcover book is this Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Does George get a bigger slice of the profit from each $47.99 book sold via Sun Media News Research Centre than he does from Amazon's per book sale at $29.61? Hmmmm.

Whatever the price, we are sure George wants the widest possible exposure for his book, which was no doubt a labour of love for the Toronto Sun Day Oner and former entertainment editor.

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