Monday, 17 September 2007

Page 6 thriving

The Toronto Sun hasn't had a full time Page 6 columnist since Gary Dunford was uprooted and moved about before he left the building in 2005.

Dunf filed 7,127 columns from 1973 to his exit in 2005 and for most of that run, Page 6 was his home - and his license plate. His appeal with Sun readers was legendary.

Meanwhile, the New York Post's Page 6, the granddaddy of Page 6s in North America, is not only thriving, it is expanding to a 96-page glossy Page 6 magazine in the Sunday Post.

The title refers to the gossip page that is the Post’s most recognizable brand, but the magazine will be broader than its namesake," says an online New York Times story.

"In addition to celebrities, there’s lots of fashion, some profiles, food, wine, restaurants, stuff like that,” Col Allan, editor of the Post, told the Times.

Rupert Murdoch's New York tabloid is moving Page 6 to a new level while on a roll with circulation, taking the daily lead over its longtime rival, the Daily News.

"In the most recent report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the Post had weekday paid circulation of 725,000 and 439,000 on Sunday, to 718,000 weekday and 776,000 Sunday for the Daily News," says the Times.

We await new Toronto Sun ABC stats to see how Quebecor's grand plan - without a dedicated Page 6 columnist and ample newsroom staff - is unfolding.

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