Wednesday, 19 September 2007

T.O. readership 47%

Toronto newspaper readers are fourth in Canada when it comes to picking up a newspaper on weekdays, says an Editor & Publisher story based on the latest NADbank figures.

Circulation figures in four major newspaper markets (from the fall of 2006 to the spring of 2007) show Vancouver had the highest average weekday readership at 53%, compared to Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal at 51% each and Toronto at 47%.

"On Sunday, print readership falls compared to daily readership," says E&P. "Twenty-eight percent of adults read a Sunday newspaper in Toronto, 35% do so in Montreal, 23% in Vancouver, and 33% in Ottawa-Gatineau."

"The Ottawa Citizen can claim the most daily readers in its market at 28%. In Toronto, 23% of adults read the Toronto Star. Twenty-six percent of adults read the Vancouver Sun on an average weekday while 21% of adults read Le Journal de Montreal."

E&P says online newspaper figures are: In Toronto, 20% of adults read a newspaper online each week, 15% of adults do so in Montreal and Vancouver respectively, and 22% of adults in Ottawa-Gatineau.

We await a more detailed accounting of GTA print newspaper circulation figures from NADbank (
Newspaper Audience Databank.)

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