Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Bono & Fantino book

As you might have noticed, the Toronto Sun's book sales department has been flogging Duty: The Life of a Cop, a Julian Fantino/Jerry Amernic book, for $40-plus since its release in December.

Columnist Mark Bonokoski notes in his column today the absence of a review of said book in the Toronto Sun and other media.

"Reviews, if any, were few," says Mark.

"And, unless a search of Sun Media's archives was faulty, there has been no review of Fantino's book here either, and the Sun is undoubtedly the most pro-policing, law-and-order newspaper in the city," he writes.

A huge and puzzling oversight, considering the subject - a high profile and often controversial police veteran who rose through the ranks to become OPP commissioner.

Wouldn't a Sun review of the former Toronto police chief's biography help sales through the Sun ads?

If TSF finds a review of Duty online, we'll provide a link.

And pssst, you can buy it new on Amazon for $22 Canadian plus postage.

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