Thursday, 24 January 2008

Forum: S. McCann

An e-mail from Sean McCann, former veteran Toronto Sun and Calgary Sun reporter/editor:

"I was particularly enamoured by Maryanna Lewyckyj's write-up. She nailed it. We Sun people did have something special. Something that may not happen again.

We were young, vibrant and believed in what we were doing. Led, of course, by Doug (Creighton), who was a journalist's journalist.

The death of Ted Welch of course opens the memory gates for us all, at least those who knew him. If anything, Ted embodied the Sun philosophy of the time - damn the torpedoes.

All of us from that era did exactly that. But more important, we were allowed to do it. We really did have a blank cheque.

By starting this blog, (TSF) has assured that that part of Canadian history will not fade. And Canadian history it is.

Journalism students of the future, as they run with their cams and do numerous duties, will wonder at the time when journalism had characters, had pizazz, had meaning. That journalism reflected the ordinary Joe and not the stock market.

Yep, it was a definite point in Canadian history. But the world moves on and changes. Nevertheless, when scholars look back, I think they will say "Yes there was something special there."

And yes, there was."

Thank you for your e-mail, Sean.

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