Friday, 25 January 2008

Fortune: "Bastards"

Len Fortune, former Toronto Sun graphics vet, e-mailed to clarify a few points in the ongoing conversations about Darren "Woody" McGee's popular 9/11 "Bastards" front in 2001,

Len writes:
"This "Bastard" saga really has caught some attention, besides pointing out that many memories are a bit blurred.

In my e-mail a while back, I suggested that the "Bastard" headline was used during Desert Storm in 1991. I couldn't verify it though. I never suggested at any time that I did the 9/11 front. I wasn't even in town.

And, I believe Pat Grier did the 9/11 magazine. It was an amazing success, selling thousands of copies. Grier was/is a talented man. I did the majority of the magazines, or "mini-books" as we liked to call them, back then, but when the Twin Towers went down, I was on Georgian Bay sucking on rums and cokes.

My memories from Desert Storm is still of a small, non-Iraqi boy (who was basically a hostage of the dictator) being patted on the head by Saddam for the cameras - in essence, baiting the U.S. and their allies with the safety of the child. The photo was accompanied with the head "Bastard." If that wasn't the case, then there was serious discussion of using that headline.

The January 22, 1991, Sun headline for the downed British airman (mentioned in today's e-mail was: Bush Vows: ( 30 pt. ) Iraq Must Pay! ( 140 pt.)

Still loving myself,

Len Fortune"

Thanks for the update, Len.

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