Thursday, 3 January 2008

Snow stopper

The Toronto Sun's up front coverage of Buffalo's outdoor NHL game left us both exhilarated and in a nostalgic mood on Wednesday.

Exhilarated, thanks to sports writer Terry Jones putting readers in the seats at Orchard Park stadium with the 71,217 chilled but ecstatic Sabres and Penguins hockey fans.

Nostalgic because it took us back to our invigorating introduction to hockey - outdoors at Christie Pitts in Toronto in deep freeze, snowy weather day and night.

The Sun's "Snow Stopper!" front page, with Sidney Crosby's winning goal reaction, and Terry's column, plus photos, on pages two and three, revved our sagging interest in the NHL.

It was something new for the NHL in the U.S. in this new year.

First Edmonton, then Buffalo. Perhaps one or two outdoor NHL games each season are in the cards. Can 70,000-plus hockey fans be denied?

Why didn't a Sun photog join Terry for the trip to Buffalo? Not that the Associated Press and Reuters photos didn't catch the essence of the day, but Sun photogs have a unique sports flare.

Maybe next time.

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