Thursday, 24 January 2008

Street boxing

Calgary's city council is considering new limits on the number of newspaper boxes and the Calgary Sun's publisher is not pleased, says the Calgary Herald.

Pending approval by council, the number of street boxes allowed will be about 7,000, down from 8,750 box permits issued in 2007, says the Herald story.

And fees per box will be increased to $50, from $10.

From the Herald story:

"Limiting box permits would put a hold on our newspaper's growth," says Calgary Sun publisher Gordon Norrie.

Norrie says 25% of the paper's sales come from boxes on the street and it already needs an extra 1,000 boxes to keep up with the city's growth.

In addition, Norrie said limiting the number of permits for the free dailies would "cripple" 24 Hours, the Sun's free daily.

The box reduction and new fees are expected to be approved at a Feb. 4 council meeting.

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