Friday, 18 January 2008

McGee's 9/11 front

Darren "Woody" McGee was the front page editor for the 9/11 Toronto Sun front with the "Bastards" headline, says an anonymous TSF reader who provides a replay of the day.

The reader said in a posted comment:

"Len Fortune did not work on the 9/11 news front. I believe Len spearheaded a Quebecor special magazine on 9/11 a few days later, but the front page editor of the wraparound front for the bulldog edition that afternoon was Darren 'Woody' McGee with Les Pyette riding on his shoulder.

The Bastards headline was offered up by Les who got his inspiration, I believe, from the Sun front page of the beaten British airman downed in the Gulf War which was hanging in Peter Brewster's office at the time.

Whether Brewster suggested the Bastards line to Les or someone else threw the idea out there, I can't say for sure. The newsroom was, as you can imagine, absolute mayhem for the four hours it took to put out the afternoon bulldog, right through to the final replate at 2 a.m."

Thank you for the e-mail and clarity in who deserves credit for the Sun's 9/11 front.

Darren, a Sun vet who has picked up some major layout and design awards along the way, should take a bow.

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