Tuesday, 8 January 2008

More "Bastards"

The Toronto Sun's popular 9/11 "Bastards" front page headline in 2001 continues to raise eyebrows.

Les Pyette, who was Sun publisher and CEO when the headline was used, e-mailed his reaction to Al Cairns' comments about "Bastards" being used by the Sun in London, England, in 1982 following IRA bombings.

"I guess Cairns is gone from Sun," writes Les. "His Bastards comment was a bit negative. I don't think any of us ever saw the London Sun in 1982.

"Guess it's the old Brit approach - hard to accept that Canadians are just as good, or in my opinion, better."

Len Fortune, former Sun graphics wizard, e-mailed recently to say the Toronto Sun also used "Bastards" during Desert Storm in 1991, with credit going to Peter Brewster and most likely with the encouragement of Les Pyette.

Despite the debate over the 9/11 "Bastards" headline, the identity of the Sun desk man who proposed the heading and did the wrap around layout remains a mystery.

Was the "Bastards" headline an original thought in 2001, or was he influenced by the Toronto Sun's previous headline in 1991, or the London Sun headline in 1982?

There are unclaimed bragging rights involved here.

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