Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ted Reeve kin?

TSF aims to please and that includes a family tree researcher in Ireland who is confident the late, great Telegram/Sun sports writer Ted Reeve is kin.

Gerry Carron e-mailed to ask if we could help locate Ted's relatives in Canada. If there are relatives out there, please e-mail TSF and we will give you Gerry's e-mail address.

Gerry writes:

"I came across your blog and I see that you have done a piece on the late Ted Reeve. I have been looking for information on Ted and his family. I believe he had a son, but not sure of that.

"However to the point. I recently learned by doing a family history over a number of years that Ted and I are cousins. That I have absolutely no doubt about.

"If there is any way that you could help me on this matter, I would very much appreciate it as I live in Ireland and it is very difficult to get information, apart from paying a visit to Toronto, which I intend to do.

"But it would be nice if I could contact some family member prior to that. If you require further information about me do not hesitate to ask. In anticipation, many thanks and looking forward to a reply from you."

Can any Sun vets provide leads for Gerry?

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