Wednesday, 23 January 2008

George G at 85

It was birthday cake in the Toronto Sun's sports department today as staff gathered to wish George Gross a happy 85th birthday.

George, a sports writing legend in his own time, has done it all and as corporate sports editor is still going strong.

The sports department celebration included birthday cake, pastries, coffee and pop - and an appreciative, but reluctant, George Gross.

"George was too embarrassed to speak, but Lou Clancy said a few nice words," says a newsroom tipster.

Clancy, the Sun's editor-in-chief, noted "George belongs right up there amongst the names of the greatest sports journalists in Canadian history."

"No argument here," said the tipster.

Sports columnist Bill Lankhof devoted a full column today to the eventful life and times of George Gross, a Toronto Sun Day Oner.

Happy 85th, George.

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