Friday, 4 January 2008

Re "Bastards"

Al Cairns, a former Toronto Sun investigative reporter, writes:

"Read with interest Len Fortune's e-mail on the "Bastards" headline in the Toronto Sun (re 9/11). I do believe that it was, in fact, "The Sun" of British tabloid fame that first used this one-word headline on the front page after eight soldiers from the Household Cavalry and Royal Green Jackets were killed and 47 people injured after IRA bombings in London in 1982.

The IRA later admitted responsibility for the attacks. Seven horses were also killed, or fatally wounded. This headline, as you can imagine, was most controversial in Britain at the time."

Thanks for the e-mail, Al.

It makes us wonder if one of the Toronto Sun's 1980s British imports was working at, or read, the London Sun's coverage of the July 20, 1982, bombings.

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