Monday, 3 August 2009

ENT spent

First, it was the name change in April of 2007 - from Showcase to ENT.

ENT? But what's in a name when you have some of the most talented entertainment writers in town featured in a convenient, pullout section, complete with a television guide?

Then last February, the once meaty television guide in ENT was cut for all but Sunday Sun subscribers. Suddenly ENT was thinner, but still a pullout section, a keeper on the couch for a week.

Yesterday, Sunday Sun readers accustomed to tidy and convenient sections discovered ENT, Travel, the comics etc., are no longer pullout sections.

Why would anyone want to mess with much-appreciated pullouts, especially ENT? It is nonsensical. The only reason we can think of is it has to do with Quebecor's presses and saving PKP a few more pennies.

It certainly isn't what readers want.


  1. My Sunday subscription will be running out soon. Absolutely NO WAY am I re-upping if the Sun can't provide the very basic Sunday morning newspaper ideal of separate sections.

    Yes, having fewer pullouts probably saves a few cents. You know what would also save money: if all the articles were just typed with random letters, like a test typeset...or should I even give them that idea?

    Seriously, I'm tired of being treated like I'll pay for anything. Shape up, Sun, because I'll be shipping out soon otherwise.

  2. Newspapers are not going out of fashion due to the internet. It's due to their worthless corporate driven content.