Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Whig & PKP

PKP has been busy touring and talking this week.

Another stop on his tour, the Kingston Whig-Standard, where the Sun Media chief sat down for a Q&A with reporter Jordan Press.

PKP's comments include:

"Something we will need to grow in the future (is in-house coverage). We should be sending our own reporter to cover the prime minister in Mexico. We should not rely anymore on (the Canadian Press) or Reuters because it's our business to do that. We would like to send someone who is going to share content for the entire (chain)."

Exactly, but you need manpower and expense accounts.


  1. Why are PKP's words the opposite of his actions? Who is he trying to convince, himself or the public? Is he still trying to drum up investors for his upcoming cellular network, which by coincidence will operate in all the cities on his current speaking tour?

    Quote: "I think we've been emphasizing on local content too much. ... We need to have strong local coverage. We need to dedicate our local resources to local coverage. That doesn't mean we can't take local resources for national coverage."

    So which is it, more local coverage or less?

    His core business in *not* newspapers. Doesn't he read his own annual report? Or is that report wrong?

  2. I think PKP understands cost-cutting and centralization, but truly believe he doesn't understand why local perspective is important for a newspaper.
    I suspect, in the end, he's going to drive our business into the graveyard because of this.

  3. With all the talking that *I will be polite and call him other few choice names I can call him*, if we all just ignore him and stop posting about him maybe, just MAYBE he will go away.

  4. I don't think he'll drive our business into the ground, just Sun Media and Osprey.

  5. Is this 10% cut he talks about in addition to the 10% already cut back in December?

    How does he expect to cover local, national and international events without staff?