Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Now, Now

Now Magazine takes a look at Sue-Ann Levy's run for St. Paul's.

Is bad press, good press?

Well, her sit-down on Canoe Live on Sun TV was good press.

Sept. 17. Counting down.


  1. As a Sun reader and St. Paul's resident, I look forward to Sue-Ann's return to the Sun after the election!

  2. I know how you feel, Nony...to me, politicians should be jerks (lets face it, I loved Harris, but I'd never want him around for a BBQ), and Levy is too good a writer to be a politician anyway.

    Its really a win-win: if she's elected, great (although I have memories of Garth Turner...), if not, she's back in the fold, ready for the REAL election (i.e., municipal, 2010)...

    As for the NOW article...geeze. I knew they weren't packing much of a punch over there, but that was incredibly weak.