Sunday, 16 August 2009

Zink & Brown

Thanks to an anonymous TSF reader, two more former Toronto Sun employees have been added to the list of political candidates: Lubor J. Zink, the late op-ed columnist, and Jim Brown, a Day One business office staffer.

How could we forget Zink's two attempts as the Tory candidate in Parkdale in the 1972 and 1974 federal elections? He came second to Liberal Stanley Haidasz both times. Haidasz, first elected in 1962, ran undefeated until he resigned in 1978.

Brown, one of the Sun's 62 Day Oners who moved from the Telegram after it closed, first ran in the 1990 provincial election as the Tory candidate in Scarborough West, finishing third. NDPer Anne Swarbrick won that election, but lost to Brown in 1995

Our TSF reader recalls Brown running in the new riding of Scarborough-Agincourt four years later:

"Now here's the interesting bit and maybe someone in the ''Sun Family' can provide a background story - in 1999, due to redistribution, Brown and Liberal MPP Gerry Phillips had a head-to-head battle for Scarborough-Agincourt.

"The Sun, despite its pro-Mike Harris, pro-Tory leanings, endorsed Phillips in the contest against Brown. I've always wondered what the real story is there."

Good point. Is there a Sun vet out there who knows why the Sun did not back Tory Brown, a former Sun employee?

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