Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Glory Years

There is a cluster of TSF readers who sigh and groan anonymously whenever we talk about the glory years of the Toronto Sun.

As if anything of interest could ever have happened prior to 2001.

But what was the best read in the Sun and other dailies this week? The reunion of the back-to-back World Series Blue Jays from 1992-93.

Great stories, great photos, great memories.

Dave Abel's photo of Joe Carter and Cito Gaston on the front page of today's Sun sports section is a keeper.

Those were the days when the Toronto Blue Jays - and the Toronto Sun - were the pride of Toronto and there is always something positive in talking about winners.

Toronto sports fans haven't had much to cheer about since 1993.

Elsewhere in today's Sun stories about the Argos losing, the Toronto FC losing, the Blue Jays losing.

We'll always have 1992-93 and, for those old enough to remember, 1967 for the Toronto Maple Leafs' last Stanley Cup win. And the occasional Argo Cup.

Meanwhile, Toronto's habitual losers sure do get a lot of ink in the media. So much so that the Sun's ever-shrinking news slot is being invaded by sports coverage, no doubt a PKP edict.

Wouldn't you think the teams might improve if the media and fans gave them the cold shoulder for a while? Let the seats cool until the teams get hot?

Or is Toronto filled with masochists gleefully doomed to paying big bucks to see also-rans year after year?


  1. Just wait until the Nordiques win the Stanley Cup!

  2. Recent Maple Leaf hire Dave Poulin continued the tradition of shovelling pap down the throats of Toronto fans when he said he was thrilled to be now working for the New York Yankees of hockey. The comparison reflects all that is wrong with the sports scene in Toronto. Everyone in and around it is delusional. Anyone in their right mind would say the Montreal Canadiens are the New York Yankees of hockey. The Leafs are more like the Los Angeles Dodgers of hockey. They were good a long time ago.