Tuesday, 25 August 2009

OttSun -2

Updated re farewell bash etc
Ottawa Sun reporters Shane Ross and Beth Johnston are leaving the tabloid for greener pastures, says a TSF tipster.

The tipster didn't say if the departures of the husband and wife are voluntary, but word is they are moving to Charlottetown "to pursue other opportunities."

"Shane was good since he had so much experience. (He) could do news, entertainment, sports and even pinch-hit as the city editor," says the tipster.

Mike Carroccetto, an Ottawa newsman, says there will be a going-away sendoff at the Clocktower Pub on Bank St. this Thursday, "8 p.m. until closing, or sunrise, whatever comes first."

Mike writes: "The two are salt of the earth people - friendly, professional, fun - and great reporters, too. Beth broke many stories, and got people to talk, many of them in distressing situations.

"Shane, as mentioned, sports, arts, pinch-hit wherever needed and does everything at a very high level. Had a chance to work alongside both many times over the past 15 to 16 months (mostly with the competition)

"It's very sad to see them go."


  1. Let's just say nobody stays there if they have options to get over the wall to rejoin normal, civilized society and escape the serfdom and oppressive management of the place.

    Beth and Shane are experienced and exceptionally talented professionals - a huge loss for the Ottawa Sun where those qualities are considered a detriment and a threat rather than assets.

  2. Well if it's like the Timmins office which lost a reporter and now has been operating with two since last fall (a "hiring freeze"), those positions in Ottawa won't be replaced.

    Timmins has a population of 55,000 and the paper's coverage area extends about 800 kilometres north. All for two reporters to tackle.

  3. What perplexes me is Shane can golf. This should have put him in good stead with the clubhouse boys. Or, perhaps, he golfed too well.

  4. Does anyone know about Tim O'Rourke leaving the Fort McMurray Today?