Friday, 14 August 2009

TorSun -7

While PKP was touring his newspapers in Eastern Ontario this week, seven Sun Media corporate sales office employees were packing up their belongings at 333 in Toronto.

A TSF tipster says the following were ousted by Tuesday's merger with Canoe, TVA, and TVA television to form an integrated sales team:

Olya Lawryshyn, national account manager;

Steven Hoke, national account manager;

Laurie Sakamoto, national account manager (repositioned back to TVA);

Claire Walker, customer service rep;

Ashley Wyatt, customer service rep;

Esther Williams, sales assistant;

Mike Minarik, office assistant.

Seven fewer bodies inhabiting 333.

PKP preaches expansion to the troops, but continues to shrink the numbers.

How low can those numbers go?

Stay tuned.


  1. I am very sorry to see these names. Some I have known between 10-20 years. I know a job is a job in this day and age, but with what *you know who* is doing to the SUN, why would ANYONE want to stay with all the stress that is in the building. Since I have left, my health has improved greatly, no headaches, no numbness in my arms, off the stress pills. I want to wish all the latest people who got let go all the very best!!!

  2. One of those let go was a top Sales Achiever and Sales Rep of the Year Winner and no reasonable company would let that person go in this tough market.

    On the bright side, these seven people will soon find out there is a better world outside of 333 King and wonder why they didn't leave sooner.