Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Odds & ends

Al Cairns is hosting Steve Payne's bon voyage party Saturday, Aug. 22, at his place in Mississauga. Anytime after 2:30 p.m. Munchies, pool etc. E-mail Al for info and directions.

Recommended reads from the Canadian Journalism Project: Why the Free Press still stands tall and (John) Stackhouse announces major management changes at Globe and Mail.

PKP dropped by the Pembroke Observer yesterday on his tour of papers and told employees he is optimistic and excited about the future of media, particularly community papers.

Editor & Publisher has released its 2009 list of 10 U.S. newspapers "That Do It Right." Check out the Las Vegas Sun's new existence in Sin City. You do, what you've gotta do.

TSF readers are advising anyone required to work from home to claim any and all expenses. Rob Lamberti. Chair, Toronto Sun Unit, CEP Local 87-M, writes:

"For those who have to pay out of pocket to do your job: Keep the receipts and insist that your employer fill out a T-2200 tax form for you. This allows you to claim personal expenses to do your job, such as a portion of your Internet fees, insurance and phone bill if you work from home, that are not covered by the employer on your income taxes. Distressing, but your best avenue to at least get credit for it on your income tax form."


  1. Speaking of odds: I downloaded Quebecor's Code of Ethics from the main Quebecor World site: five blank pages with nothing but their logo on it.

  2. Ha, I left mine on my desk when I was laid off.