Saturday, 15 August 2009

One more Levy

Were Toronto Sun editors ticked off with Sue-Ann Levy for taking a leave of absence to dabble in provincial politics as a Tory candidate in a by-election?

How else do you explain the absence of a story or column about her by-election bid in the print editions of the Sun Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All we have seen in print is one sentence tacked on to the end of Sue-Ann's column on Thursday.

Ian Robertson's online story Friday was not in our print edition.

The Toronto Star broke the story on Wednesday and followed up with a Jim Coyle column on Friday and the Globe and Mail had a story on Friday.

But hold the phone. This just in. Joe Warmington apparently has a column item in Saturday's Sun.


  1. Quote from Globe+Mail: "Ms. Levy did not return requests for comment..."

    She's already a politician.

  2. Interesting that Ms Levy is already hiding behind the Tory machine.
    As a hand-picked candidate in a high-profile by-election, she is going to be managed to the hilt, told what to do and what to day by Hudak's team.
    For someone who has railed about this kind of "pack politics" for umpteen years, it will be interesting to see whether she asserts her independence or toes the line.
    My guess is the latter.

  3. As a former employee of the Toronto Sun and a daily reader of the TSF blog I enjoy following the goings-on at the newspaper. However, I'm curious about this unconscionable (sp? the hour is late) spate of "Anonymous" postings. Surely it is getting out of control. I can understand that someone who currently works for Quebecor might want to protect their job security and income by choosing to remain anonymous when lambasting the odious business practices going on, but I'm damned if I can find reason for the cowardly practice of hiding behind anonymity in posting about Levy running in politics. I'm personally no fan of Levy who is a one-man- ... person- ... band -- although she's one of the few columnists I read because she has a sharp and accurate take on David Miller, a goonish and not particularly bright fellow who is educated far beyond his intelligence. However, in all the other issues written about on TSF that don't relate to the Quebecor thuggery, there's absolutely no reason except cowardice for posting anonymously. Whoever posted the above two comments should be ashamed of themselves. Lee Lamothe.

  4. Here here. Time to crack down on anyone with an opinion. When their names are attached we can single them out, spin their comments and rake them over the coals as anti-gay.

  5. I'm with Lee on this one. There comes a time in most blogs - particularly moderated ones - where anonymity becomes old hat. Bill Brioux dropped the practice on his blog. Other forums I go to have people who use online aliases, but their identities are generally well-known. Nobody goes there to spout invective under cover of darkness.
    I suggest unless someone's job is clearly on the line, the time has come for torontosunfamily to put on its big boy pants.
    Jim Slotek

  6. Man, the rationalizations anonymice come up with for their cowardly skulking get more and more lame. There's nothing remotely anti-gay about either of the first two comments, nor did anybody insinuate they were. A witchhunt against people with opinions. That's rich. The one thing many of us, including Sue Ann, have in common is we've made our career expressing our opinions.
    Your opinions are valueless unless you stand behind them.
    Jim Slotek