Friday, 14 August 2009

More Levy

The Toronto Sun today catches up to the two-day-old Toronto Star story about its own city hall columnist, Sue-Ann Levy, venturing into provincial Tory politics.

The Sun's Ian Robertson plays it straight, newsy style: Toronto Sun city hall columnist Sue-Ann Levy fulfilled her long-standing political ambitions today filing nomination papers as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the provincial St. Paul's riding.

It is not a lengthy Sun story, but it does note Sue-Ann has taken a leave of absence from the Sun, a move no doubt applauded by her favourite dart board, Councillor Howard Moscoe.

The Star's Jim Coyle takes a well-researched fun look at media people who have ventured into politics and says: Why anyone would willingly give up newspaper columning to take on anything like a real job is a puzzler.

He writes: That anyone would willingly swap being the disher of easy criticism, second-guessing, amateur psychoanalysis, pious lectures and sundry other grief to become the dishee is probably cause for an intervention. Friends don't let friends do such things.

Meanwhile, no column from Sue-Ann about her decision?

For an in-house Sun story, the tabloid was mighty slow out of the starting gate.

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