Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Odds & ends

David Richie, a freelance photographer, got excellent mileage out of photos of an Oakville police takedown of two women. Almost identical photos appeared Monday on the Toronto Sun's front page; the Star's Greater Toronto section front page and Page 11 of the Globe and Mail.

A Canadian Press story says Toronto Star management has filed notice with SONG that 121 jobs in editorial and pre-press will be cut, saving Torstar more than $4 million a year. How many Toronto Sun refugees will be among the bodies cut next month? Stay tuned.

Re the sale of 333: The Toronto Star has quoted sources saying the new owner of the 34-year-old newspaper building "is likely Toronto developer First Gulf, a division of the company that recently purchased the 1 Bloor condominium site in Toronto."

With the sale of 333 and the Sun becoming a tenant in the building it built in 1975, what becomes of the Andy Donato mural on the wall of Red's cafeteria and John and Alexandra Hood's 180-foot-wide commissioned outdoor mural unveiled in 1993?

A TSF tipster says Sun Media's Dunnville Chronicle, once "a mighty community newspaper with its own presses," is down to 1.5 employees - one ad rep and a part time receptionist. A freelancer is being used as M.E.-reporter-paginator, says the tipster. "How long will it last?"


  1. Posts like this are why you guys should continue to be a Sun Media blogspot and not just the Toronto Sun.

    There's no reason why you can't do both.

    We respect that the Toronto Sun will always be your #1 priority, but there's no reason not to include the rest of the family.

    You are important to us.

    Sorry for signing as "anonymous" ... you know why.

  2. Dunnville looks terrible these days. Such a shame that such a good newspaper, it has won numerous awards, has gone down the tubes. Wonder how long before it's done out of Welland?

  3. That's why TSF should continue to be what it is now and let it evolve.
    To focus on the past would, well, no insult intended, make the blog irrelevant.
    Rob Lamberti
    Chair, Toronto Sun Unit
    CEP 87-M

  4. P.S. Mario - once hailed as the rising star of Sun Media before his untimely dismissal - is likely to kick some serious butt in Strathmore.