Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Anderson Cooper

And let's hear it for CNN's Anderson Cooper who put his video camera down during a street melee to help a boy who had been struck in the head by a brick in Port-au-Prince.

Found this clip on Mashable - The Social Media Guide and it comes with comments about the role of the media in desperate situations. Should they isolate themselves, or get involved.

The 90 or so comments posted generally applaud Cooper for getting involved.

Said Krystal Ortiz:

"Preservation of human life should always take precedence over 'the independence required for good journalism.' To be a good journalist, one must be human."

We second that emotion.


  1. CNN's Sanjay Gupta matched Cooper's humanity by staying with patients overnight after doctors were told to flee an area due to security concerns.

  2. Kudos to Anderson. I've always liked the guy. People are hurt and dying, anyone who bypasses that for a story should be strung up. He did the right thing, and I think he sets a great example.