Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Quebecor printing

From king of the hill in international printing circles to a negative, financial page obit.

That's the story of the former Quebecor World as described yesterday by Roberto Rocha of the Canwest News Service.

"What was once the No. 1 printer in the world will become a piece of what was once No. 3 as World Color Press - formerly Quebecor World - merges with rival Quad/Graphics Inc.," he writes.

"This merger marks the epilogue in the tempestuous history of Quebecor World, a Montreal company that dominated the world of printing, withered into bankruptcy and re-emerged with a different name last July."

With Quebecor World now history, that leaves PKP - and us - with Quebecor Inc., Quebecor Media, QMI Agency, Sun Media and Osprey Media in the cluttered visible brands loop.

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  1. How long before Rocha writes a similiar obit about Sun Media?