Monday, 11 January 2010

Edgar D @ 100

Edgar Dunning was co-owner of B.C.'s Ladner Optimist in 1968 when he took a chance on a green reporter from Ontario who was living in his '65 Chev and down to his last $50.

Well, that appreciative reporter spent five months working for Edgar Dunning and Ernest Bexley before moving on to the Richmond Review for a five-year stint and then the Toronto Sun for 19 years.

How often can you thank the people who played key roles in your newspaper years? The Dwayne Howes and Bob Britnells at the Toronto Star; the Bob Turnbulls at the Globe and Mail; the Edgar Dunnings and Mickey Carltons in B.C. and the Les Pyettes at the Toronto Sun?

Not enough.

So news that Edgar turned 100 last week and is still a story teller writing his Rambling column for the Ladner Optimist prompts another huge thanks four decades after bidding his paper farewell. (CBC News covered his 100th)

Dunning's father, Vincent, started the Weekly Optimist in 1922. His mother, Gertrude, took over the paper a year later after his gallivanting father took off for California.

Edgar sold part interest of the Optimist to the Bexley family in 1964 and the remainder in 1980. The Optimist is now a Canwest weekly with a one-man reference library on its staff.

Happy 100th, Edgar.

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