Saturday, 30 January 2010

New Intell blogs

Two Belleville Intelligencer staffers have launched new blogs.

Dave Vachon, the paper's multi-media editor, launched his blog a couple of weeks ago. His intro reads:

"My blog will focus on my topics of interest: techonology (yes, I'm a geek), sports, music, entertainment, news, etc.

"I am also a reporter. If you want a story covered feel free to send me an e-mail. (The only caveat is I don't cover beats covered by other Intelligencer reporters - the last thing I want is W. Brice McVicar stomping on me for doing something city hall-related."

It is a mixed bag.

Among his early postings are links to Lucas Oleniuk's impressive photo coverage of Haiti for the Toronto Star and a North Bay Nugget photo of Stephen Harper toilet paper.

Meanwhile, the second new blog, by sportswriter Paul Svoboda, is strictly sports.

All kinds of sports.

His first 15 posts include hockey, football and basketball.

The new Sun Media bloggers have been added to TSF's growing list of Family Bloggers.


  1. They seem bound and determined to give a blog to everyone except the staffers who showed initiative and ambition by starting their own in off-hours.

  2. Well, actually, Mr. Anonymous, I do most of my blog work in the off-hours.
    And they didn't give me a blog, I just volunteered.