Friday, 15 January 2010

Horror & Agony

The Sun tabloids were again five for five with Haiti fronts on Day 3 of earthquake coverage,.

Three went with the same "Agony" headline and photo and two with the same "The Horror" headline and photo.

Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa fronts

Toronto and Winnipeg fronts

"The Horror" says it all.

Meanwhile, the frustration of armchair viewers during the aftermath of Katrina is being duplicated with media coverage of the earthquake.

Most frustrating from our armchair has been the absence of helicopters airlifting medical, food and water supplies from the airport into the city.

Tons of supplies at the airport - but where have the helicopters been for two days?

On the media front, why give an inch of copy, or a second of airplay, to the views of a senile so-called Christian whose time has long passed? GMA lost us on that front.

Canadians should be proud of its contributions to the earthquake effort and the extensive multi-media coverage.

"The Horror" has just begun.

1 comment:

  1. Bastards! was the (almost predictable in a good way) headline after 9/11 and this TO front comes close.

    Sadly though "Fucked" would have summed it up but would not have been politically correct.