Sunday, 17 January 2010

Awards info

Reliable sources say Sun Media staffers can submit their work for newspaper competition awards but all at their own expense.

"Journalists can enter awards, but must pay any entrance fees personally," says one source.

Entrants who win awards must also pay any expenses incurred to attend awards ceremonies.

So Sun Media's investment in showcasing the best of the best is nil.

But count on Sun Media to proudly tell readers employees have won local, provincial and national awards.

For those who submit 2009 entrees, all the best.


  1. It would be nice to get a 'congratulations' from higher ups when one of us wins a NNA or ONA. But never assume congratulations will ever come. It would be even better if every 'leader' actually knew what NNA stands for. For the inexperienced, here's a hint: it's not two guys in an octagon trying to beat each other up.

  2. It's just another indication of how proud PKP is of his product.
    Awards are more than an ego balm; they are standards against which journalists measure themselves.
    PKP obviously fears having his product compared to others.
    That fear and his overpowering urge to pinch pennies are just two more punches to the stomachs of editors, reporters and photographers who are busting their butts for this egomaniac.
    I do hope that some Quebecor type does not waste his or her time spouting tripe about how the company fosters quality. Those would be empty words indeed, compared to the company's deeds.

  3. Yep why should I work my ass off when the company doesn't care to showcase anything we do? Nice morale booster and incentive push for the employees PKP.

  4. "Never try."

    --Homer Simpson