Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Oh crap!

Every 30 years or so, a Toronto Sun columnist tackles the sensitive topic of workplace washrooms.

McKenzie Porter
did it in 1976 and Mike Strobel does it again today.

The freedom to roam six floors and 31 washrooms at 333 in search of a little loo privacy is coming to an end with the new owners restructuring the building, says Mike.

"Soon, that will be impossible," he writes. "We’re being herded onto one floor, with six bathrooms, three each for men and women. That’s fine by the building code. But our roving days are done."

As Mike says, shit happens.

Shades of the infamous Potty Porter column that vets still talk about today.

Porter's column comments included:

"It is essential, of course, to provide water closets in all places of employment and public buildings for the use of persons who need them at odd times. But to encourage better habits in the general population each public water closet should carry on its half-door the notice: For Emergency.

"On the inside of the door, for the edification of the user, the following notice should be posted: "This Water Closet Is Provided For Persons Suffering From Temporary Irregularity of the Bowels. Healthy Persons Use the Water Closet At Home Where It Is Possibly To Wash The Body Before Adjusting the Dress."

The walls in the 31 washrooms at 333 had stories to tell other than stall whiz and bowel movements. Some couches in the ladies rooms were slept on and there were reports of some hanky panky.

Those lazy, crazy loo days are over.

One floor, six washrooms. That's taking one for the team nearby.

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