Wednesday, 6 January 2010

NCIS logic

If you missed Tuesday night's NCIS, you missed a superb, subtle plug for print media.

It comes just after the credits, during an NCIS staff discussion about the Internet, with all of its pop-up ads, banner ads and other obstructions.

During the banter, Tony says he found something online and will send Ziva a link.

"No more links," says Ziva. "I have spent my entire morning sifting through all of this nonsense looking for something that matters. How hard is it for someone to tell me the news and bring it to me?

"There must be a better way," says Tony.

A split second later, Gibbs arrives and slaps down a newspaper.



  1. Quick, someone send a clip of this show to PKP.

  2. Not sure he would get it anyway, because he has yet to listen to any of the employees that made suggestions for positive changes - instead of the hack and slash bare-bones approach he has taken.