Thursday, 14 January 2010

Five for 5

All five Suns in the Sun Media chain of tabloids went with Haiti earthquake fronts today, but the Toronto Sun stood alone for original layout.

The Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg Suns all went with the same photo and "Tears For Haiti" headline.



    This front tops them all.

  2. Its truly sad how poorly the Toronto Sun reacts to breaking news these days.
    It's like everything is planned out in the early afternoon and changing on the fly is discouraged.

  3. Hi:

    You might want to tap your Welland sources about this ... just heard the Tribune is installing programs on the prepress computers to track all work, and oversee everything - including break and lunch times. They apparently said the same programs were being used for their ad builders in India.

    It's bad enough they're turning Welland into a sweat shop ... but this is the first time I've heard anything about India.

  4. There have been programs installed at many of the Sun papers for a couple of years now that count keystrokes and track internet useage.

  5. Speaking of cookie cutter newspapers, Alberta branches adopted a new style this week. Suspiciously, a job posting went out looking for page builders for Sun Media daily and "weekly" newspapers. So are weekly newspapers not going to be built in the communities they serve in the near future? What's next? Shutting down the offices and having a couple of reporters email photos and stories to a central site and having someone else, perhaps in India, lay out the pages, write headlines and cutlines and be able to say 'hey that's not Mr. Smith, that's Mr. Jones?'

  6. At the last comment - that's a new one, but could be true. They already have remote login on the editorial computers at the Tribune so the tech guys, or whoever has access, can see what someone is doing if they wanted

  7. As to the one previous comment - I can testify that ALL Sun Media weeklies (as per the TSF post from earlier this month - More weekly spin) must adopt the new corporate format and style by this month. Granted, some have not completely adhered to the style and will likely be clamped down on by corporate shortly for that.
    In addition, there likely is a plan out there for all of Alberta's weeklies to be laid out at new Centre of Excellence (??) in Edmonton and Calgary as they are doing almost of the composing for Sun Media papers (daily and weekly) now.
    The move is already beginning as some papers are no longer typesetting and laying out classifieds – move to composing - and soon to be implemented, a toll-free number for people to call with ads meaning they can completely get rid of front office staff if they want.

  8. All Sun Media weeklies by the end of the month? I haven't received anything that says I have to adhere to the new corporate style...