Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chaos fronts

The Sun tabloids stood out once again in the sea of newspaper front pages from around the world with "Chaos" and "Total Chaos" headlines.

Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg went with "Chaos"

Edmonton and Calgary went with "Total Chaos"

Solid tabloid news fronts that capture the growing desperation of Haitians in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Kudos to the Canadian government for announcing seven more helicopters will be sent to Haiti.

Within hours of Tuesday night's earthquake, it was known the Port-au-Prince port and roads leading to and from it were heavily damaged and a swarm of helicopters would be beneficial.

It must be deja vu for the thousands of poor, black survivors of Katrina who waited days for George W. and Co. to come to their rescue in New Orleans.

New Orleans refuges must be puzzled by the presence of George W. in the earthquake fundraising efforts with the tireless and more productive Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, is it looting when hungry and thirsty Haitians waiting for the cavalry, delayed for days because of "logistics" at the airport, begin stealing the necessities of life?

Do you drive away with a truck loaded with food when hungry and desperate Haitians become unruly, or do you unload the truck and then leave?

They need food and water, not a lecture in the rules of civil obedience.

Delays in getting the world's food, water and medical supplies to the earthquake victims is another Katrina, but on a much larger scale.

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