Monday, 1 March 2010

2010 Olympics

From ho-hum to a flag-waving humdinger, so went the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Canada and Canadians fared well in the eyes of the world, with a few exceptions.

Could the men's and women's hockey finales be more fitting for pumping the patriotism of Canadians from coast to coast?

There were more personal sidebar dramas in the lives of world athletes than any author could have imagined.

Vacationing Peter Worthington in Florida says Americans were seeing Canada in a new light thanks to print and broadcast media south of the border.

Let's hope Canada's image is now more than frozen tundra and beavers.

Rick Mercer should retest American knowledge of their neighbors to the north with a 2010 Talking to Americans series.

As for all of those cherished Olympic medals that have been kissed, caressed and proudly held high by athletes these past 17 days, this Motherboard video link tells the story of the design and manufacturing of the unique medals.

Speaking of medals . . .

TSF's medals:

Print Media

Gold - the Globe and Mail

Silver - the Toronto Star

Bronze - the Toronto Sun

Broadcast media

Gold - CTV (for generous live coverage, not delayed updates)

Silver - NBC (for sufficient exposure of Canada and Canadian athletes)

Bronze, by default - TSN

Kudos to:

All of the athletes, who just might have motivated countless couch potatoes to get off their butts and exercise;

The two Brians, Brian Williams of CTV and Brian Williams of NBC News;

Bob Costas, but why did NBC leave the closing festivities early to preview a new series? Party poopers.;

NBC's Tom Brokaw for his touching 9/11 tribute to the people of Gander, Newfoundland, which NBC has yanked off of YouTube.

Aside from the politics and commercialism, the 2010 Winter Olympics have provided young and old with lasting memories.

In a nutshell, the countless words, photographs and videos read and viewed around the world reflected what Canadians have always known - Canada is golden.

While we didn't own the podium, we sure did hog it.

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