Saturday, 27 March 2010

EdSun photo noms

Updated 29/03/10 re all nominated photos
Congrats to two Edmonton Sun photographers who have been nominated for 2009 National Pictures of the Year Awards.

Jason Franson
is nominated in Canon's Pictorial category for his entry: John Percy Page High School student Cory Womacks walks past a hoarfrost-covered tree on a cold February morning.

Amber Bracken is nominated in Nikon's Sports Action category for her entry: Dustin Thompson gets run over at Bulls for Breakfast during Big Valley Jamboree.

Former Sun photogs in the mix are Darryl Dyck of the Canadian Press, a former Edmonton Sun photog, and Mike Cassese of Reuters, a former Toronto Sun photog.

All of the nominated photos can be viewed here.

Winners will be announced April 24 during NPAC's 2010 Photojournalism conference in Toronto.


  1. Not that it's a bad photo, but I've never understood the love for rodeo photos and each year they end up as finalists in these competitions.

    I mean just stand in one spot and keep shooting the bull over and over and wait until someone falls off. I've done it myself and people raved over the photow but it really wasn't that difficult. I would never submit it because it's a pretty easy shot to get.

    I've been a newspaper judge before and I know I would skip past any rodeo photos as they're all the same to me. Show me something different, unique or a challenge to shoot.

  2. It's a great photo and the Sun does not understand good photos, or want anything to do with good photography, all they want is cheesy tight set up crap. Congrats to the nominees.