Monday, 8 March 2010

Sun & Moonlight

Mike Strobel is on a roll with his Moonlight Ladies, but readers lost out on the full impact of his Sunday Sun tribute to three of Creighton's Angels.

Four black and white and colour then-and-now photos of former Sun photogs Gail Harvey, Barbara Cole and Cherie Steinberg were in the print edition, but only one was used online.

The print edition's two-page tip of the hat to three talented young ladies who got away was another Strobel gem.

Current colour photos of Creighton's Angels, now all in their 50s, provided us glory days guys with a much needed Sun nostalgia trip.

Veronica Henri, an award-winning Toronto Sun photographer still on the job, is another Moonlight Lady candidate for Strobel's future spreads.

It's time editors provided appreciative baby boomers with a weekly Moonlight Lady in the Sun.

Gail Harvey's looks and smile at 57 makes the decision a no-brainer.

As Strobel describes her: "A good-looking grown-up babe with brains."

You said it, Mike.

Moonlight Ladies deserve their weekly space in the Sun.


  1. Another example of this blog living in the past.

  2. There isn't much about Sun Media 2010 to write home about, is there?

  3. By comparison, what will be the lasting legacy of Sun Media in its present form?

  4. You want solid reporting that looks to the future and not to nostalgia, check out this morning for coverage of OPP Const. Vu Pham's shooting death. Complete package: stories, videos, livestream, pix, audio clips, map. And kudos to Seaforth Huron Expositor weekly's Susan Hundertmark for jumping in and showing how this convergence thing (which is too often a euphemism for layoffs) can work.

  5. Please, if you're going to take a shot at blog, be willing to attach your name to it. Otherwise, what you have to write is meaningless and the criticism is mean-spirited.

  6. I have a solution for anonymous 11:49 a.m. ..... don't log on.